Ziggy Marley releases NFT collection to help disadvantaged children

Ziggy Marley releases NFT collection for charity

🎗 This artist is helping disadvantaged children through #NFTs.

Ziggy Marley, son of legendary guitar player Bob Marley has partnered with OneOf to release an NFT Collection.

What is the NFT?
Ziggy fans can get their hands on an exclusive demo copy of the hit song, ‘Beach in Hawaii,’ while also enjoying a fine piece of art by world-renowned comic book creator, Jim Mahfood.

The utilities:
→ Chance to win Ziggy Marley-themed rewards
→ 1 winner will get to co-design a piece of exclusive Ziggy merchandise, then receive 50% royalties on all sales
→ Additional prices: Signed guitar / pair of lifetime tickets to Ziggy Marley headline shows, a pair of lifetime tickets to headline shows, a flyaway vacation to see the star at a music festival, personalized messages and much more.

What happens with the funds?
Ziggy has a charitable ethos so it’s no surprise proceeds from the sales will benefit those who need it most. Therefore, heading straight to the coffers of Ziggy Marley’s own ‘U.R.G.E. Foundation’. A herculean effort that provides education and healthcare to disadvantaged children throughout Jamaica, Africa and North America.

My thoughts:
→ Great utilities: Ziggy is activating human collaboration, which I love about #NFTs.
→ Tracking Funds: Providing transparency what happens with funds is easier than ever with the blockchain. It builds trust. Charity is a perfect use case.
→ Charitable cause: Great to see Ziggy continue to follow his philanthrophic path and embrace NFTs as a format to spread awareness

Let’s do more of these please.

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