Mike Shinoda enables 4-year old to compose her own track

Mike Shinoda releases NFT collection
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🎵👧🏻 THIS track was composed by a 4 year old and this is how it happened.

It was created through an audio-visual Music NFT experience by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

THIS is exactly what the Music NFT space has been waiting for.

He just dropped an new NFT collection called “Windchime” by teaming up with Secret Garden.

A WINDCHIME is a music-making digital collectible and it has 24 musical loops for you to play with & save.

THIS is the sort of innovation the space needs.

One particular experience of Twitter user @milohendrix_ solidifies this for me:
“My 4 year old daughter and I composed this unique jam together today by interacting with this GENIUS MusicNFT! Just no words🤯What a beautiful experience…”

💡 This is where the REAL value lies and the stories that NFTs can create.

It is not about the next moonshot of an NFT project or the “Wen lambo” sirens in Telegram.

It is about human collaboration and creative expression.

Let’s do more of this in the future, pretty please?

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