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Hi, I’m Chris & I help music artists & professionals leverage NFTs to build fan communities and unlock front-loaded revenue streams.

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Christopher Wieduwilt

Together we can make a change.

ACOY is a strategy lab for artists and music professionals to navigate the new and fast approaching internet age called web3 and kickstart the use of NFTs as an instrument for community-building, generating front-loaded sustainable revenue streams as well as establish a music culture focused on digital collection and fan experiences. 

How to get started

I will help you take your first steps in web3, create a strategy to enter the NFT space and enable you to release them.


Not sure what NFTs are, how to use them and how web3 will transform the music industry? I will demystify the value proposition of NFTs for you.


Based on your goals we will explore opportunities in the NFT space to tell your unique story & build up a community of music lovers. 


Not sure how and where to release your NFT? We will take a look at the web3 music landscape and pick out the best home for you & your music.

Opportunities for NFTs in the music industry

Growing the career of an artist

What if artists didn't need 1 million streams, but only a few hundred fans to fund a career through NFTs?

Creating a new layer of fan loyalty

NFTs can function as an entry ticket to your own community and unlock utilities/ benefits activating the super fan mindset.

Enhancing music performances

NFT technology can enhance festival or concert experiences. They are the new age digital souvenir.

My name is Christopher Wieduwilt. My motivation to launch ACOY is rooted in my own experience as a musician, working in the music industry (Z Records by Dave Lee, Festival Organiser, Artist Manager) as well as building digital products for some of the world’s biggest brands (L’Oreal, Lufthansa, Porsche, Goodyear, KUKA).


I partner with a wide variety of companies to cater all your needs including Design & Development work as well as community management to successfully launch your NFT collection. I can also help you to verify and authenticate your NFTs.

Common questions

An NFT, short for non-fungible token, are tokenes that can be taken to present ownership of unique items (music, art, video, collectibles, real estate, digital certificates & more.).


Minting (creating) an NFT needs energy. But so do a lot of other things. 

Have a look here. An NFT actually consumes less energy than you running a refrigerator, watch TV or play PS5.

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I focus on Education, NFT Strategy & Marketing enablement. I can also help you to deploy your own smart contract and get you on popular Marketplaces such as Open Sea. Curated Marketplaces such as work through an application and onboarding process.