Speaking at NFT.NYC 2023 in New York

Music NFTs session at NFT.NYC in New York in 2023

I am pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at NFT.NYC in April 2023 as part of the Entertainment track.

Record stores used to be the Mecca for music lovers. Then piracy of music and streaming hit the scene.

Record stores were a place to gather, have fun, philosophize.

I spent hours:

  • Looking at album covers
  • Sliding over the surface of the vinyl
  • Reading the backcover
  • Giving it a spin before purchase.


Buying physical music and talking about it built relationships.

You made new friends.

You were part of a clique.

You traded music in school.

You laughed. You cried.

Music is there when no one else is. Everyone has dark moments & goes through failures. I’ve always dealt with it by making or listening to music. The culture of collecting changed due to new technology.

The avg. listener consumes music But does not interact with the artist. Connecting is engrained in our DNA. Beyond purchasing a t-shirt in H&M. Beyond listening to a stream on Spotify.

Music connects us to each other. We just forgot about collecting. And forgot about connecting. I will be speaking about “Why Music NFTs elevate the collectors mindset and create a new layer of collaboration” at @NFT_NYC. 

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