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Are you eager to advance your career as an artist and take advantage of NFTs as an instrument to build a sustainable music community as well as create new & exciting revenue streams?

Being an artist can be challenging

Lack of financing

To create your music you need funds. Recording, distribution, artwork, marketing, merchandise. Costs pile up quick.

Hard to break even

The average stream on spotify pays the artist $0.005 per stream. 

It is not easy to break even by selling your music based on the costs you put in.

Dependency on live shows

Playing live shows for many artists is the #1 income source. Live shows are great but it’s unsettling to know you can only live off of this. 

I'm a "little" excited about NFTs and you should be too

Use NFTs to fund your career

The traditional crowdfunding process is broken. It does not create actual commitment from fans long-term. After the initial campaign engagement dies. You can use NFTs as a vehicle to fund your music career.

Build actual communities through new experiences

You can use NFTs to function as an entry ticket to your own community and provide utilities that are connected to the purchase of an NFT. This can range from early access to new music, events, merchandise, interactive experiences inside the Metaverse & more.

More songwriting, less hustle

What if you did not have to depend fully on live show income and could compensate living expenses through a portion of NFT sales? It needs work through community building but NFTs can provide a new layer of income.

Note: 0.1 ETH = approx.$160 Dollars (09.09.2022)

Here's what we will cover:

  1. State of the Music Industry
  2. The evolution of the internet from web1 to web3
  3. What is an NFT?
  4. Current NFT Use Cases
  5. Why Music NFTs matter
  6. A look at the current NFT Music Ecosystem
  7. Opportunities for Artists to utilize NFTs

So what's the price? Nothing. Nada.

My name is Christopher Wieduwilt and I am your instructor. At 15 years old I started playing music in my small hometown in Germany. Over the next few years I got to tour the US, was featured on TV and in some of the biggest Metal/Rock magazines. 

I wish #NFTs existed back then for me to utilize and build up a community around my craft to continue to support my career aspirations and give back to listeners/ fans in meaningful ways. 

I am here to empower you to discover the true power of NFT technology for you and your career.

Ready to take the plunge?

Any musician is welcome, regardless of if you are a garage band or an established artist. 

There's legitimate buzz around NFTs

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Muse, Kings of Leon & more. Major artists have already released NFT collections. 

The music industry is actively exploring how to utilize NFTs to streamline music rights management, licensing and royalty collection. 

For artists the true power lies in building meaningful connection with their fans and create communities.

Your 1:1 session

Build your musical career by using NFTs.